India is a country with a treasure trove of outstanding monuments, exquisite mountains, forests, and soulful sea beaches. Every year on 25th January is celebrated as the National Tourism Day for spreading awareness of the importance of traveling and protecting nature. We all love to travel to find some peaceful environment in the arms of mother nature, whether it is a seashore with calm wind, adventurous forest, or mountains either covered with snow or greenery. Also, this subcontinent has one of the vast deserts, which is highly populated and famous for campsites that allows one to explore the millions of stars up in the sky.  


Tourism Growth in India:

India, with such diverse tourist places, has created much employment for people, and also the government is working hard to popularise the tourism of India. They are developing many schemes for building good infrastructure that eases traveling for the tourists by road, rail or airway from one city to another. Many such plans came into action where the government had renovated airports, railway stations and also inaugurated new ones. In the year 2021, new highways were built, for connecting tourist places like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, etc. which not only created employment for the people but also boosted the tourism industry of the country. On the coastline of the country, first ever cruise services have also been begun where people can travel on a majestic ship with enormous facilities right which will leave one having a best ever experiences during the journey. 


Protecting The Nature:

The major aspect of celebrating National Tourism Day is to spreading awareness of the importance of traveling and protecting mother nature. India has many dense forests, mountains, sea beaches where people enjoy visiting for a good and healthy time with friends and family. However, people tend to visit all such places with eateries, drinks, plastic bags, and other kinds of stuff which ends up being garbage that is not dumped properly and that affects nature. This thing we must not allow ourselves to do and the people visiting the tourist places. This behavior does not only make the beautiful places make untidy but also affects the nearby surroundings. We all must also take some steps to preserve the natural habitat of the particular places where they are being exploited or being harmed by our actions. So to avoid all such things we must follow up all the rules and regulations which are being formed by the local authority of the tourist area or the state or central government. We are a part of this eco-system so it is our duty to keep it safe and tidy.



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