When we think of beach vacations, we automatically think of Goa. And, as much as we like India's sunshine state, the fact is that there are many beautiful, pristine beaches in Maharashtra that few would have visited. If you're searching for some tropical sunlight, clean oceans, and delectable seafood, why not visit one of Maharashtra's stunning beaches?



The Ganpatipule Beach is a gorgeous and stunning beach located on the Konkan coastline in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri district in southern India. This magnificent natural beauty is also known for the 400-year-old Ganesha Temple, whose idol is said to have been self-created and unearthed over 1600 years ago. The Ganpatipule Beach shoreline is without a doubt stunning and hypnotic, and it is home to a variety of gorgeous vegetation, including lush coconut palms and mangroves. Such a magnificent environment and quiet scenery are, of course, an excellent escape from the boring and chaotic everyday lives of the inhabitants of Mumbai and the outlying neighborhoods, and it is a wonderful destination to come for couples, families, and groups of friends. Wildlife enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies will like this location as well because it provides not only breathtaking views but also a variety of adventure activities during certain months.



Manori is a tiny fishing town on Mumbai's northern outskirts, known for its beach and Manori Creek. Manori, often known as 'Mini-Goa,' is well-known for its beach-side shacks serving real seafood. There is a boat that runs every 5 minutes to and from Malad Marve. Manori beach is frequently visited by adventure junkies from Mumbai. Manori is also well-known among bikers, owing to its picturesque surroundings and little traffic. The beach is lined with cashew nut trees, greenery and the rocky valleys on the shore are great for watching the sunset. Essel World and Gorai Beach are further local attractions to Manori Beach. Though Manori Beach is a popular tourist destination all year, the ideal time to visit is from October to March since the temperature in Mumbai is less humid at this time of year.


3.    MALVAN.

Malvan is a culturally and ethnically significant town in Maharashtra's Sindhudurg district. It is traditionally known for Chatrapati Shivajiraje's Sindhudurg Fort.  It is well-known for its delectable Malvani seafood and desserts. Malvan is also noted for its pristine, soothing, and less crowded beaches. Sunset views can be seen from a long-distance away. Water activities are also accessible for entertainment. The major employment of the region, which has a hot and humid environment due to its proximity to the sea, is fishing. Malvan is popular with visitors because to its low human population density. Tourists also enjoy boat cruises in the Karli backwaters. Visit Sindhudurg Fort, the Rock Garden, and the nearby temples. Malvani cuisine is famed for its coconut, rice, and fish dishes, as well as Malvani sweets and Sokadi, a drink produced from the kokum fruit. Malvan is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.



A journey to Kelshi beach is worthwhile because of the long stretch of an unknown beautiful beach in Maharashtra. This beautiful beach is about three kilometers long and is enveloped in lush foliage and deep forest with a large variety of coconut, betel nut, mango, kevda, and Cyprus trees. With dozens of conches, shells, and cowries populating the region, the sheets of sparkling sands are ideal for relaxing or marveling at the marvels of the ocean. With the Utambar hill meeting the sea at this point, this site is ideal for spending a calm evening while viewing a magnificent sunset that magnifies the greatest aspects of Maharashtra's Konkan coast. The infinite width of this unspoiled beach provides an incomparable sense of peace, which is enhanced by the stunning beauty of the Konkan coast. This is also an excellent place to go birding, with a wide variety of migrating birds dancing along the shoreline, enjoying the atmosphere of this most natural beach. During the winter, white gulls, Sandwich terns, blue-green kingfishers, black-capped kingfishers, and the exotic multi-colored oriental kingfisher can be seen. This location has also been home to white-bellied sea eagles, spotted muniyas, and the Great Rid Warbler, making it an ornithophile's paradise.



Guhagar beach is one of the longest in the Konkan area, with a clean and broad expanse of white sand. Guhagar is a city in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri region, about an hour's drive from Chiplun, an old city noted for its mangoes and coconut. Guhagar beach is a popular picnic area for individuals who want calm beaches where they can kick back and relax. There is a spacious play area with swings, slides, and see-saws for the youngsters to enjoy. Many tiny vendors serve coconut water and fried food here as well. Guhagar Beach also has water sports facilities, and the beach is deemed safe for swimming. White-bellied sea-eagles soaring over the huge sky are also a common sight here. Staying in the adjacent villages that offer adorable homestays is a great way to get a firsthand feel of the region's unique food and friendliness. To the right, there is a 4-kilometer-long Enror Jetty.


These were some of the best unpopular beaches in Maharashtra which you should surely visit if you are a person looking for some secular & less crowded places for spending your holidays with your friends or family. Find the best budget-friendly & luxurious Villas in Maharashtra for your camping & parties or to create memorable moments with your family.